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Immigration streams requiring applicants to have sufficient funds...

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Quebec Investors Program requires applicants to have a net worth that reaches or exceeds 2 million Canadian dollars, and intend to invest CAD$350,000 in Quebec economic sectors.


Quebec Investor's program is currently the sole investment immigration program in Canada when considering it does not require the applicant operate a business in Canada. The merits of this program:

  • Lower requirement on human capital: No language requirements, no need to start a business in Canada, no age limit, no business plan;
  • Investment safety is guaranteed: The funds will be invested only after the double review of the fund institution and the Quebec government, and the safety of the funds is endorsed by the Quebec government of Canada;
  • Quebec is an ideal destination for immigrants: Quebec’s crime rate is 1/5 of the United States. The primary and secondary school attendence may enjoy a French-English environment, which may nurture people  with multi-language capability.

Contact us if you fulfill the following requirements

You have a net worth of  at least 2 million Canadian dollars

You must have this suffient assets and can address how you have earned this assets through legitimate approaches.

At least 2 years of management experience

You must have at least 2 years of management experience during which period you at least managed 2 subordinates.

You must invest 350,000 Canadian dollars 

You must have this liquid funds and accept to invest the funds in Quebec, mediated by immigration professionals and Desiganted Funds.

Pros and Cons

Quebec Investor's program is not easy to go through due to its net worth screening...


  • Education, Language, Age are not mandates.
  • High approval rate if passing the net worth screening stage.


  • Relatively long processing time, often exceed 4 years.
  • Strict net-worth legitimacy assessment and evaluation.  

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Successfully acquiring PR status of Canada through the QC Investors Program has 2 key conditions: 1. Candidates must first secure a quota from a Designated Financial Institution in QC; 2. A RCIC who is regulated by QC government, and who knows French well. 

Andy is your best choise in that: 1. We are working with the largest Designated Financial Institution in Quebec; 2. You application will be prepared and filed by the former IRCC senior officer, who will make your application nice, direct, and ready for processing...

Key Procedure


Assess your eligibility by consulting to a Designated Financial Institution by QC government.


Work with RCICs who have close relationship with Designated Financial Institutions in QC.

Follow QC's Rules

Watch closely the QC immigration rules, including its unique interview process and QC cultural test.

Quebec Investors

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