Canadian Business Immigration

Immigration streams requiring applicants to have sufficient funds...

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Provincial Entrepreneur Programs require you to have authentic passion about coming to Canada, starting a legitimate business, and staying in the country permanently. Meanwhile, you must have sufficient funds to conduct your business...


Most provinces and territories in Canada have provincial nomination programs welcoming those who have intent to come to the particular province and start and manage his/her business there permanently.

The provinces expect the provincial business immigrants may bring economic vitality to the province, as a result, those who plot an immigration scheme, i.e., instead of really conducting a business in the province, but acquiring a PR status as the prime goal, would not be eligible.

If you don’t want to start a business in a particular province in Canada, you may apply for Quebec Investor's Program that only require investment and do not need to operate; If you are sensitive to the longth of the application process, the Start-up Visa Program or the Self-employed Immigration Program would allow you to achieve your goal within a much shorter period.  

Contact us if you fulfill the following requirements

Have proved experience

You must have related ownership or management experience to support your plan concerning the role which you will play in the company you purchased or started in a particular province.

You must invest at least the money required by the program

Every province has a investment threshold for such programs. You must follow the rules set up by the province.

You must have certain English or French ability

Except an exclusion, you must have acquired scores which are required by provinces.  

Pros and Cons

Provincial Entrepreneur is a good channel for those with good and clear entrepreneur history...


  • Some programs don't require language, some others don't require come to Canada first. . 
  • Good option for those who have authentic willingness to explore business opportunity in Canada.


  • Most programs require 3 to 5 years of ownership or high-level management experience within 5 years.
  • Longger processing time, lower successful rate camparing to Federal business programs.

Key Procedure


Assess your eligibility by consulting to a Regulated Canadian immigration professional.


Work with RCICs who have deep understanding about provincial business streams.

Fulfill Agreement 

Watch closely the Performance Agreement you signed with the provincial government.

Provincial Entrepreneurs

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