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Immigration streams requiring applicants to have sufficient funds...

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Self-employed Program requires you to have relevant experience in NOC 5 group, i.e., the cultural or sports career, within the latest 5 years before filing application.


If you are an artist, designer or a person working in the sports, you may be able to use your own skills and experience to apply through the Federal Self-employed immigration program.

Applicants for this program must convince the visa officer that there is a market for the applicant’s skill(s) in Canada.

How could you prove your future business may be viable to the visa officer? You must fulfill one of the following 2 scenarios:

  1. You are a practitioner in a related industry and working at a world-class level. for example, you are an architect who has won an international award;
  2. You have run a business in cutural or sport-related business, and supported yourself and your family in your country of residence. For instance, you once opened a photography studio and it was profitable.

    What industries can apply? Examples are as follows: painter, sculptor, translator, self-employed teacher, interior designer, actor, director, script, writer, dramatist, lighting, window display designer, jewelry designer, clothing or luggage designer, independent Reporters etc.  

    Highlights: There is no mandatory requirement for language.

Contact us if you fulfill the following requirements

You must have education and experience in cultural or sports field

NOC 5 group is a mandatory requirement for the applicant's career.

Your experience must fall within 2 senarios

Applicants must have at least 2 one-year periods of World-class level or self-employed experience. 

A doable business plan is preferable

You may explain that you may conduct a relevant business in Canada and the business may be viable in certain period.

Key Procedure


Have a strict eligibility screening conducted by a professional practitioner...


Work closely with our Immigration Consultants knowing buz immigration deeply.


You must prepare for your interview after an interview letter will be received.


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