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加拿大和全球市场调查 Canadian or Global Market Research

什么时候需要市场调查?When you should initiate a market research?

  • 不知道你的目标市场客户对你所提供的产品或者服务的态度 Not knowing what customers in your target market thinks of your product or service
  • 需要了解你的目标市场的行情和确定竞争对手 Need to understand the market conditions of your target market and identify competitors


1)定性调查 Qualitative Market Research

2)定量调查 Quantitative Market Research

3)综合调查 Mixed Market Research


我们采用问卷调查、目标访问、线上或者线下的群组对话等调查方式,另有行业协会和监管部门咨询。通过这些调查,我们可以得出关于某个目标市场,对于某一个产品或者服务的喜好或者接受程度。We use survey methods such as questionnaires, targeted interviews, online or offline group conversations, and consult with industry associations and regulatory authorities. Through these surveys, we can get information about a certain target market, the preference or acceptance of a certain product or service。


我们提供带有分值的问卷调查等调查方式,通过搜集问卷,得到原始数据。在较复杂的市场调研活动中,我们会分出实验组和对照组,以获得更加精准的市场信息。通过对原始数据的运算和分析,我们可以得出关于某个地区性市场,对于某一个产品或者服务的喜好或者接受程度,以及该产品或者服务,在特定区域的市场潜力。We provide survey methods such as questionnaires with points, and obtain raw data by collecting questionnaires. In more complex market research activities, we will separate the experimental group and the control group to obtain more accurate market information. Through the calculation and analysis of raw data, we can get information about the preference or acceptance of a certain product or service in a certain market, as well as the market potential of this product or service in a specific region.


为了某一个项目,我们还可以同时做定性调查和定量调查,以获得多个角度的观察和结论。For a certain project, we can also conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys at the same time to obtain observations and conclusions from multiple angles.


市场调查服务是定制服务。根据项目大小以及行业的不同,价格会有较大差别。具体价格请联系安迪国际相关人员。Market research services are customized services. Depending on the size of the project and the industry, the price will vary greatly. For specific prices, please contact relevant personnel of Andy International Team.