Canadian Business Immigration

Immigration streams requiring applicants to have sufficient funds...

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Owner-Operator is a work permit channel which may lead to permanent residency. Applicants who have management experience, sufficient funds, and sound language capacity may permanently stay in Canada through this program...


Some peopel have intent to conduct a business in Canada and then permanently stay in this country. 

Such people will definatedly have many options when it comes to selecting immigration channels. Provincial Entrepreneur programs are certainly within the radar. However, if an applicant's human capital factors, including education, experience, age, and language, are sound/good enough, he/she would have another option: Owner-operater work permit that may lead to PR.   

The Owner-operator-based LMIA and work permit may play a role in EE-channel PR application through adding 50 or 200 scores on the applicant's CRS score in EE.

By selecting this approach, you may purchase or start a business in Canada provinces except Quebec.

Contact us if you fulfill the following requirements

Have proved expertise and/or experience

You must have related educational background and/or experience to support your plan concerning the role which you will play in the Canadian company.

Be willing to purchase or start a business in Canada

You must purchase or start a business in Canada and hire at least 1 Canadian employee in your business. 

You must have CLB-7 in English or French if you are aiming for PR

You must have acquired scores which reach or exceed CLB7, i.e., Reading-6, Listening-6, Writing-6, and Speaking-6 in IELTS test.

Key Procedure


Assess your eligibility by consulting to a Regulated Canadian Immigration consultant.


Work with RCICs who have holistic understanding about Owner-Operator.

Take Steps

Take each step required by this program, including LMIA application, and the relevant applications.


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