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Immigration streams requiring applicants to have sufficient funds...

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Start-up Visa Program requies you to have an expertise which may contribute to a business project. The processing time of the program is now 20 months...


Canada, like many other countries, supports innovation and entrepreneurship.
You may immigrate to Canada (acquire PR) when you plan or are running a innovative business in Canada, within a rther fast time frame.
Usually, you must establish and start managing your company in Canada first, however, under particular circumstances, you may obtain immigration status first, then resign your job in your previous country of residence, and finaly land in Canada;

The program is fully in compliance with IRPA and IRPR, and is not comparable to illegal operations such as affiliated employers who sell job positions to foreign nationals;

Applicants get a federal immigration (PR) visa in one step, allowing a fast processing. The whole process would take about 1 year. as of 2020-12, due to the impact of the pandemic, the processing time is 20 months.

Contact us if you fulfill the following requirements

Have proved expertise and/or experience

You must have related educational background and/or experience to support your plan concerning the role which you will play in the Canadian start-up company.

You are part of an innovative initiation

You must have innitiated or is/will be a part of a team which is carrying out an innovative idea/project. 

You must have CLB-5 in English or French

You must have acquired scores which reach or exceed CLB5, i.e., Reading-4, Listening-5, Writing-5, and Speaking-5 in IELTS test.

Pros and Cons

Start-up Visa is a fast immigration channel, but not easy to go through...


  • One sigle application to IRCC, no provincial process involved. 
  • Fast processing time comparing to must provincial programs. 
  • Lower requirement in personal net worth and liquid funds.


  • Limited cap for the acceptance number of the program.
  • Letter of Support is hard to receive, requiring multiple conditions.
  • Complex procedure requiring holistic understanding of the program.

Key Procedure


Have a strict eligibility screening conducted by a professional practitioner...


Work closely with our Immigration Consultants knowing buz immigration deeply.


You must prove you are an eligible SUV program candidate throughout the process.

"The key factors of successfully approved PR through Start-up Visa program is that the applicant must have relevant education and/or experience, and must have required language copacity."

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"Find a Team Member" Service

Still looking for a team member for your project? We help our clients and potential clients know and communicate with other start-up entrepreneurs. Hopefully, you may form a team and then start your business in Canada.

Start-up Visa

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