Established in 1986, the Investor Program was set to attract investors seeking to participate in the Canadian economy in exchange for a permanent residency. In 2015-2016 the Quebec government raised $780,000,000 CAD from eligible Immigrant Investor candidates, enabling Quebec government have a good flexibility in intervening the economic activities of the province.


1. Net worth of at least CAD$2 million.

2. Intend to invest certain amount of money together with designated venture capital companies into Quebec.

3. Intend to live in Quebec.

4. have 2 years experience within 5 years before applying.

5. Have financial record which could explain the money of applicant's net worth comes from legal conduct.


1. We have certificate from the biggest venture capital company in Canada, which has sufficient experience to assess and help applicants to have a qualified application.

2. We have direct colaborators in some biggest cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong) in China, where we could collect Chinese applicants of the program.

3. We have quality French-Mandarin language translators who could provide invaluable assistance to candidates during the whole process, particularly during the application preparation and interview preparation phases.

Consult to our RCICs to see if you are a fit of QC Investor's Program: