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  • Immigration consultants are authorized by Canadian government, providing legitimate advice and representation.
  • Over 10 years of experience in Canadian immigration occupation.
  • Focus on Business Immigration and Job Offer in Canada. 

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Rcic Code: A-01

RCIC and QC Member

Former Senior Officer of IRCC (2011-2015)

Consultation and Representation: QC Investors, QC students, Federal and QC refugees, Start-up Visa Program, Federal Self-employed Program.


RCIC and Sask Member

Master in Cognitive Statistics from McGill University 

Consultation and Representation: Federal Start-up Visa, Job-offer-based immigration, Federal Self-employed, some Provincial entrepreneurs.

Rcic code: A-03


Multi-language capacity consultant

Consultation and representation: Federal students applying for different level of DLI schools and universities, homestay mediation, Transitssion of schools and colleges.

Initial Consultation: Steps

You may take the following steps to consult a consultant


Step 1: Contact one of our consultants or their assistants

The primary contact approach is to add our public Social Media. You may add us through

WhatsApp: +86 13062810655

WeChat: +86 13062810655


Step 2: Provide your C.V. or fill out our information form

Provide your personal information, so that our consultants may analyse your situation and provide advice. You may also fill out the form directly, and wait for us to reach out to you within 24 hours.


Step 3: Get a quote from us, and pay the consultation fee

If you are asked to pay a fee, you may get the voice consultation after the fees are paid. 


Step 4: Retain our consultants, and you will be fully represented 

We hope you may retain our service, and successfully reach your goal through our assistance.

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