People with high Net Worth have multiple ways to immigrate to Canada

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Business Streams

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Start-up Visa Program requies you to have an expertise which may contribute to a business project. The processing time of the program is now 20

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Self-employed Program requires you to have relevant experience in NOC 5 group, i.e., the cultural or sports career, within the latest 5 years before filing

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Quebec Investors Program requires applicants to have a net worth that reaches or exceeds 2 million Canadian dollars, and intend to invest CAD$350,000 in Quebec

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Provincial Entrepreneur Programs require you to have authentic passion about coming to Canada, starting a legitimate business, and staying in the country permanently. Meanwhile, you

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Owner-Operator is a work permit channel which may lead to permanent residency. Applicants who have management experience, sufficient funds, and sound language capacity may permanently

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Quebec has 3 business streams (other than QC Investors Program), which require applicants either purchase or start a business in QC, or be self-employed in

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